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A Day in The Life of a Digital Marketer: A Balancing Act

HighClick Media's digital marketing manager works on B2B strategy in Greenville, NC

“What exactly do you do all day?” If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked this question, I’d quit my Digital Marketing job and move somewhere tropical. Just kidding! I adore being a Digital Marketer, but it’s so much more than simply posting to Facebook once in a while.

Digital Marketing requires understanding consumer habits and motivations, synthesizing analytics, and communicating effectively with clients.

So, to answer your question, “What exactly do you do all day?” I present to you: A Day in The Life of a Digital Marketer: A Balancing Act.

8:00 am: Coffee. Lots of coffee.
8:30 am: Check Emails. Every day starts with emails, which include everything from SEO reports to client requests and more.  Doing this first and foremost helps me arrange my day according to priorities.
9:00 am: Monitor. From performance data to social media channels, I am constantly keeping up with our progress and responding/adjusting accordingly.
10am: Campaign Management and Content Creation. This includes writing, editing, and producing original content, planning and scheduling social media posts, and coming up with creative ways to promote content, events, and engage your audience.
12pm: Time to fuel back up! I break for lunch (and more coffee) around noon. I return to the office feeling refreshed and eager to tackle the second half of the day.
1pm: Check out the competition. I keep an eye on competitors to see their strategy, best content and the untapped opportunities that I can take advantage of.
1:30pm: Updates. Another solid block of work can consist of updating webpages, optimizing campaigns, and developing ideas for future campaigns. I always strive to think big and stay on top of the current trends.
3:30pm: Team meetings. I frequently chat with my HighClick coworkers about what we have in the works, what we’ve recently wrapped up, and what we are working together on. It takes a village.
4:30pm: Budgets. I check on the ad budget, daily spending, and campaign performance to ensure everything is running smoothly.
5pm: Wrap it up. I send out updates on key campaigns and respond to final emails. I always end the day by preparing as much as possible for the next.

As you can see, digital marketing is a short phrase that encompasses so many skills. It requires someone who enjoys the unpredictability of what the day will bring. It requires energy and dedication, good balance, and a fearless attitude.

Our staff at HighClick Media has decades of combined experience in digital marketing. If you feel overwhelmed by the endless energy, research, and dedication digital marketing requires, let us help! We are professionals that navigate the world of digital marketing effortlessly.

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