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You may be wondering where in the world HighClick Media came from. Sure, we recently developed this alternative identity, but this isn’t our first rodeo.

In 2001, Joe Thigpen created Datagroup Technologies Inc. Offering web design and IT solutions, Joe began as a one man show. The following year, DTI built its own data center to provide high quality hosting. Since then, we’ve designed nearly 1,000 websites for a diverse range of businesses. As we continued to grow, we realized the need for digital marketing and began providing solutions to select clients. As of now, we have a team of 7 programmers, graphic designers, and web and marketing strategists providing services to clients in Eastern NC.

Our local brand is known as a regional IT provider, but we like to think big. We needed a new national identity. That’s when we established our new digital marketing component, HighClick Media, offering our premium services to the world. The name says it all. We are committed to helping our clients receive the highest number of clicks or visitors to create the highest return on investment.

HighClick offers Web Development, Pay Per Click Advertising, SEO, Creative, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and so much more! With our seasoned team and in-house high-tech data center, we are confident in providing better results for our clients’ marketing.

We’ll never stop growing. Come grow with us.

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