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Meet HighClick’s Digital Marketing Intern, Leah!

marketing strategist working on multiple devices for mobile optimization

Meet HighClick’s Digital Marketing Intern, Leah!

My name is Leah Myrick and I am the new Digital Marketing Intern at HighClick Media. I am currently obtaining my degree in Communications through the University of Arkansas. Being a first-generation college student, I am determined to reach heights that my family has never seen. Becoming a Communications major was an easy decision for me due to my talkative nature and my love of finding the best way to effectively communicate with a variety of others. I am looking forward to putting my communication skills to the test and expanding my expertise here at HighClick Media.

For over 7 years of my life, I played volleyball competitively. Not only was I on the varsity team at my High School, but I competed in sand and travel tournaments. Once volleyball came to a halt I had to focus on the next steps of my life, which is when I turned to marketing. I have always loved Social Media and the vast majority of people you can reach by a single post. For me, being able to take an ordinary photo and turn it into something eye-catching is the most exciting part of social media. Even though I am a frequent user of all things media, I have so much more to learn and am thrilled to be doing so with this company!

My biggest motivation is my 2-month-old daughter, Aurelia. Seeing her face every morning pushes me to constantly strive to be better in every aspect of my life.

Becoming an intern at HighClick Media will push me to think creatively and analytically. I knew I wanted to be a part of this team when I saw how enthusiastic Michelle, the Digital Marketing Director, was about HighClick Media. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be the new Digital Marketing Intern at High Click Media and am looking forward to thriving within this company!

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