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Email Marketing & #RelationshipGoals

Increase audience connection and engagement with your B2C email campaign marketing strategy

Email marketing thrives on building relationships.

This marketing strategy has proven itself to be a substantial way to retain customers and increase overall brand value. Although new marketing methods are introduced to us consistently, email marketing is still flourishing in 2018. For every $1 invested in email marketing, you get an average return of $38.

But, to make the most of this method you can’t get caught up in simply growing your subscriber list. Think quality over quantity. Would you rather have a huge list of subscribers that are totally uninterested or a smaller list of engaged subscribers? Focusing on engagement will always get you off to a good start.

So how do you build an email relationship that keeps subscribers loyal and engaged?

Build a list of engaged customers first.

Talk to anyone in a long-term, successful relationship, and they’ll tell you that they felt a strong connection from the very beginning.

At the beginning stages of your email marketing strategy, you need to seize every opportunity by making it insanely easy for your audience to connect with you. If your website visitors don’t see an email sign-up form within seconds of going to your website, it’s time to redesign your website!

Ideally, you should ensure a clear sign-up form on your homepage and provide consistent sign-up opportunities throughout the site.

Don’t wait, Automate!

To make the most out of your email marketing, utilize email automation. Email automation is when an automatic, personalized, timely email is sent to a contact based on a specific trigger. These workflows consider the behavior that acts as a trigger as well as data about the specific subscriber. Examples of triggers include…

  • If a website visitor fills out a form but doesn’t submit
  • If a consumer added items to their shopping cart but didn’t purchase
  • When a lead downloads multiple pieces of content but hasn’t contacted the business directly
  • When a consumer makes a purchase

By consistently sending focused, relevant and engaging content, you’re more likely to keep your subscribers’ interest.

Re-engage your subscribers

Every now and then romantic relationships may need a reevaluation, and the same is true for your email marketing campaigns.

Take a step back and ask yourself,

What does my audience want from my brand? Is my brand delivering? Why or why not?

Remind your subscribers that you care about them! They want to know that you’re as invested as they are. This confirmation will strengthen your brand/consumer relationship and keep their information up-to-date.

So are you ready to build lasting relationships with your customers? Let us help you get started!


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