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Embracing Creativity: How Do You Stay Creative?

tips and tricks from our designers and strategists on how to keep the creativity flowing for client projects

Embracing Creativity: How Do You Stay Creative?

As a full-service digital marketing agency in Greenville, creativity is our fuel. Each team member brings a unique set of innovative skills to the table, and we celebrate that every day! But, on National Creativity Day, we cheer for the creative personalities in the world just a little bit louder! Learn how we acknowledge, motivate, and inspire all things creative at HighClick Media!

How do you stay creative?

Michelle: My curiosity definitely keeps my creative juices flowing. New experiences, ideas, and connections are the best way for me to see the world from another angle.

Margot: I break the routine, get out in nature, get around other creative people- like the HighClick team- and keep my vision board in front of me!

Richard: I stay creative by constantly finding new things that inspire me or draw my curiosity to understand them better. YouTube and Instagram are my favorite tools to discover new material.

Alana: I get most of my inspiration from my daughter. Kids are super honest and have no filter! Also, social media, web surfing, community exploring, and magazines.

Leah: I stay creative by looking at the inspiration all around me. I always try to keep an open mind so this way when inspiration knocks, I answer!

Kendall: I actively look for inspiration! I use Instagram as a source a lot, but inspiration can really come from anywhere.

What is your earliest memory of being creative?

Margot: Painting clay pieces with my mom!

Richard: As a kid, I can remember on many different family trips, my Dad and I would to go off on side adventures to find something cool to paint, draw, or photograph.

Alana: During my childhood, I used to do a lot of role-playing in the house when it came to my desired career, and I was involved in several artsy things from grade school all the way through high school.

Leah: My earliest memory of being creative is when I was in elementary school. My uncle does construction and when I was younger, I went to one of his job sites and made a makeshift lemonade stand. It was summer and there were a lot of workers outside… Let’s just say little Leah knew how to reach (or choose) a target audience.

Kendall: I remember making my parents presents for Mother’s and Father’s Day when I was pretty young. I made my dad an apron out of bath towels and made my mom a lion out of a hair dryer and more bath towels.

Michelle: My grandma took care of me during the day, and for years we would meet her friends for breakfast daily. While they would sit and chat, I would get grandma’s pen and draw pictures on napkins.

How do you stay creative outside of the office?

Richard: Over the last few years I have developed a passion for music production. My favorite part is visually being able to see the individual layers of a song and understanding all that goes into creating a finished one. I think people often overlook that music is so much more than just clicking play on Spotify.

Alana: Outside of the office, I like decorating with DIY projects whether it’s simple artwork or re-vamping furniture. I also enjoy making little gifts for friends.

Leah: My latest obsession is to refurbish older furniture and home décor and turn it into something modern and beautiful!

Kendall: Lettering and calligraphy are probably my favorite thing to create just for fun.

Michelle: I write, paint, and make music!

Margot: Making fun memories! I like doing things with my family and friends to create an awesome experience that they’ll remember.

What, in your personal life, has influenced you to choose a creative career?

Alana: Generally, people influenced me with my career choice. I enjoy working with people and doing everything in my power to make them happy. It’s part of the whole “making the world a better place” kind of mindset.

Leah: I wanted a career where I could constantly push myself to think outside the box. I don’t like having a cookie cutter lifestyle, and it’s exciting to push the envelope!

Kendall: My senior year in high school I decided to do an art show as my senior project and things just took off from there. I was also always really competitive about coloring better than my older sister.

Michelle: I gravitated towards a creative career because I can’t stand to be bored. When I’m able to create, I never get bored!

Margot: Having been raised with a mom and grandmother who are  EXTREMELY creative encouraged my creativity and imagination growing up so that I can be creative and use that in everything I do.

Richard: My Dad is probably my biggest influence on why I am in a creative career. He definitely sparked the creative side of me at an early age and has helped fuel it ever since.

What is your favorite color? Does this color describe you as a person?

Leah: Hot Pink! Hot pink is meant to radiate warmth, joy, and love for life! Who doesn’t love it?!

Kendall: Definitely green! The color psychology of green doesn’t really match me as a person so much, but it’s still my favorite.

Michelle: Blue and green are my favorite colors! They’re relaxed and easygoing. These colors describe me sometimes, but depending on the moment I could be passionate red, energetic yellow- who knows?

Margot: Purple, and absolutely!  It’s bold, bright, creative, magical and FUN!

Richard: Blue is my favorite color. I would say it describes me because I’m a relaxed person.

Alana: My favorite color is green. Green represents life and makes me feel good as a person.

If you could interview a creative person (past or present), who would that person be and why?

Kendall: Currently, Lauren Hom. I really like her work and she has a very impressive freelance career in lettering. I recently considered signing up for her Passion Project course.

Michelle: Frida Kahlo! She was fearless and honest and bold!

Margot: Walt Disney. He grew up poor, had a spirit of adventure, took big risks, dreamed big, and succeeded despite the failures along his journey. He has created a legacy and improved so many lives along the way. I would love to pick his brain!

Richard: I would like to interview, either Kevin Parker of Tame Impala or the guys in Odesza, because I love their music and would enjoy learning from them both.

Alana: There are several people I love and wish I could interview: Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, Beyonce, Anderson Paak, SYD, Shangela, Karl Lagerfeld, and Marc Jacobs.

I want to interview them because I’d like to pick their brains on what drives their creativity and learn what influenced them. I’d also like to know all the objections they’ve overcome and how they’ve managed to remain motivated and disciplined.

Leah: Ellen! She has been knocked down so many times in her personal life and professional career but has still found a way to radiate positivity! Ellen touches the hearts of many and I aspire to be like her every day.

How do you deal with creative blocks?

Michelle: I take a break, and work on something else! It usually gives me a fresh perspective.

Margot: I go for a drive until I no longer know where I am and need to pull out my GPS to get back home.

Richard: I deal with creative blocks by getting outdoors, traveling, and hanging out with friends. I feel like taking your mind off of what your doing helps and also experiencing new things that could spark your creativity is a great way as well.

Alana: I put everything on hold and sing and dance around the house to kinda work off the negative energy.

Leah: I turn up the jams! I sing until I am no longer in my own head. I have found that if I stop overthinking, it is SO much easier to keep those creative juices flowing!

Kendall: Depending on what kind of block I’m dealing with, either research or take a break.

If you could offer one piece of advice for someone who wants to unleash their inner creative genius, what would it be?

Margot: Just go for it, mess up, move forward, and enjoy the journey!

Richard: I guess I would say, don’t be afraid to express whatever creativity you have inside you. If you are interested in trying something new, don’t let other people’s opinions sway you from giving it a go.

Alana: Beware of your outside influences, and ensure that you take advice from those who truly have your best interest at heart by giving you honest feedback regardless if you like what they have to say or not. Stay in touch with your inner child and shine. Last but not least, surround yourself with loving, positive, and supportive people.

Leah: Write every little idea down, no matter how random it is. You never know where a strike of inspiration can lead you!

Kendall: Everything you make is not going to be your best thing. And that is 100% okay.

Michelle: Don’t be afraid of new experiences or making decisions on a whim!


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