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Graphic Design in 2019: Fresh & Fearless

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Graphic design has always played a vital role in the communication between a successful brand and its audience. Keeping up with the trending concepts from year to year keeps you up-to-date on the freshest innovations. Ready or not, the last quarter of 2018 is in full swing, and we’re already anticipating what trends 2019 will bring when it comes to graphic design.

With the average consumer attention span declining right before our eyes, it is important that graphic designers possess the ability to adapt and engage through visual creativity.

People no longer want to see basic, run-of-the-mill or mundane graphics. They’re seeking a connection with visuals that effectively communicate with them. 

Here are some of our predicted graphic design trends for 2019 that will give your audience what they’re looking for.

Graphic Design Predicted Trends for 2019



Vivid, Dreamy Hues

Vibrant color combos and dreamy gradients have been a prominent trend this year, and this trend will undoubtedly carry over into the new year. We’re

anticipating these color trends to become even more lively and vivid, bringing a utopian feel to the overall design.

Gradients are making a bold comeback, radiating personality and demanding attention.

Using futuristic shades to create magnetic designs provides tons of room to experiment with your design. Futuristic shades and gradient are a match made in heaven.  


Sometimes, less really is more. Over the last few years, simplicity has been a focus for many graphic designers. Minimalism has been steadily gaining popularity, but 2019 will be its time to shine.

Clutter is super stressful, and complicated graphics + information overload can unnecessarily cause confusion. A minimalist approach to graphic design delivers a much-needed breather to the audience. Minimal designs are straightforward, and usually short and sweet, in how they convey a message.

Some think that minimal designs lack description and information. But sometimes the absence of description provokes curiosity, leaving the audience wanting to know more about the brand.

Simple, clean themes eliminate distractions from the core message.

typography graphic design

Fearless Typography

Fonts are changing our perception. Google, Airbnb, and Lenovo showed us this.
– Elijah Cohen

A font is no longer simply responsible for conveying textual information. For 2019, it’s time to dive deeper. Fonts and lettering possess the ability to provide tone and style to the overall design and add character to your brand.

Fearless fonts are becoming a huge trend in itself. This year, typography has become bigger, fiercer and more powerful. 

The typography element of graphic design can be interestingly stylized, giving designers a lot of room for customization and creativity. However, while experimenting with typography, it is important to remember not to sacrifice yographic design 2019 negative spaceur message for the sake of artistry. Your message to the target audience should still be readable, or the design may irritate the audience.

Negative Space

It’s a concept that’s been around for a while but remains mysterious and intriguing.

The vision is text and images surrounded by lots of space. Negative space allows for minimal texts and bold graphics to pop off the page, as there is digitally nothing else to look at. It allows your audience to easily digest your design and produces a calming effect. Subtle, yet powerfully direct, the negative space concept can take a good idea

When designed correctly, negative space can take a good idea to the next level.

Asymmetrical Balance

Up until this point, the typical layout of a website or brochure was pretty predictable. But in 2019, creativity in graphic design has no limits.

Asymmetrical designs are off-beat in the best way. Usually, these designs are off-center or created with an odd or mismatched number of diverse elements. By intentionally avoiding balance, the designer is free to be more expressive while provoking a wide range of emotions. Asymmetrical balance feels modern and full of energy.

This concept makes for more dynamic and compelling designs when implemented correctly.

What’s your Design Trend Prediction for 2019?

With less than two months left in 2018, now is the time to think about your graphic design strategy for 2019. What are you planning to do to make an impact? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we’re here to help!




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