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How To Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing In 2022

How to Grow Your Business in 2022 with Digital Marketing


Having a solid business in 2022 requires digital marketing. You want to expand your brand’s online scope to help you create a global audience. Think of what you need for your business to excel in the future. Here are some tips to help you grow your company using digital marketing in 2022:

Content Marketing

Create Solid Content

Even with all the technology and applications out there, you can’t forget the fundamentals. You need quality content to help you rank and connect with your target demographic. Consider the benefits of using coworking spaces in 2022 by having a quiet area to collaborate with your team on the latest content strategy.

Maybe you’re going for more frequent short-form posts to help uniquely capture your audience. Short blurbs with the right hashtags and information can draw more people in because of the eye-catching nature of the content and the perception that it doesn’t waste their time.

Also, it helps you see which demographics follow your specific content. Think about how this can help you in the long term when doing A/B tests for ads and products.

Target AudienceFocus On Your Audience

No matter what you do in digital marketing, you still have to think about your audience. After all, it’s the foundation of any form of business. It makes it difficult to get traffic and leads when you don’t know what your audience wants.

In addition, focusing on your audience can help you make long-term plays. For example, you might want to promote a product and notice a specific demographic has more clicks than others. You’ll want to find out what country, age range, and other factors will get you the most sales.

Additionally, catering to your audience can help you build more long-term subscribers and customers. You want staying power to help you compete with other brands in your niche. When you have longevity, it lets you know which strategies work and which ones need to go back to the drawing board.

Mobile ResponsivenessOptimize for Different Platforms

Always consider which different platforms your audience uses. If you cater to an older demographic, optimize your email lists with an attention-grabbing title. Write with some conviction and creativity to keep them interested.

If you have a website (and, of course, you should!), make sure it’s easy to navigate. You want your visitors to get to each page within a second or two. Organize everything to create an appealing look and keep your prospects engaged. This creates a great first impression for your site, the importance of which can’t be overstated.

Additionally, take steps to create a quality mobile-friendly site. It might not have the same bells and whistles as a desktop site, but remember that you’re catering to an audience that’s out and about. Make sure that you optimize your site for scrolling on a tablet or a smartphone.

Take out a lot of the flash and other things for your mobile site. Most people that visit your site while on the go tend to save your page for later or want to make a purchase decision right at the moment.

Knowing how to optimize your online brand is key to gaining long-term subscribers and sales to help you grow your business.

Create Better VisualsCreate Better Visuals

A stark site takes away from the user experience. Of course, you want great information – but you want the proper balance between function and fashion. Start creating a vlog or some behind-the-scenes footage to go with your content.

People enjoy looking at visuals because they’re more entertaining. Also, these are easier to share across social media. You can start a campaign on different networks to find which types your audience likes to watch.

Consider doing an Instagram Story to help promote 24-hour sales. This can help build a sense of urgency – not to mention that people feel special when promoting an exclusive product.

Live Interaction

More Live Interaction

Use Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube live to speak directly to your audience. You can answer questions right at the moment. Also, it helps you advertise your brand and do a product rollout that you think would captivate your followers.

People feel more connected when they see you in real time, and it helps you identify supporters who’ve bought multiple products or written some quality feedback in the comments section. You can create a live feed schedule to build your following and get some advice on which items your core fan base are interested in buying.


Influencer Marketing


Work With an Influencer

Another digital marketing tactic is to work with an influencer. These people have already built up a big following and can help you expand your brand. You might have the perfect product that caters to their audience.

It’ll be easier to sell if they trust you and use the product. It can help you gain more sales and build a stable business relationship that benefits both sides.

Mix old and new tactics to help you take your digital marketing skills up another level in 2022.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Final Thoughts

At first glance, some of these tried-and-tested digital marketing strategies might seem like a lot to handle on your own. The great news is that you don’t have to go it alone! HighClick Media can help optimize your current website for mobile viewers or create a brand-new, mobile-responsive website for your business. Need some fresh content written for your website or social media pages? We do that, too! As the area’s top full-service digital marketing agency, HighClick Media is fully equipped to handle all your digital marketing needs! Want to learn more? Let’s start a conversation! Call us today at 252.814.2150 or drop us a line here to see how we can help #elevateyourbrand!



Guest blogger Margie Heaneythe writes high-quality content and helps manage social media marketing efforts for Get Plus Followers. She helps save social media marketers time and money by finding active and engaging Instagram users for their personal profiles or business pages. Margie is proud to partner with LearningFuze, a premier coding and data science boot camp offering part-time or full-time courses, available in person or online.

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