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Is It Time To Rebrand?

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Rebrand – to change the way that an organization, company, or product is seen by the public.

Every next level of your life will demand a different version of you.

And the same rings true for your brand. One beautiful (and sometimes, equally frustrating) thing about consumers is that they’re constantly evolving. Their preferences, views, and priorities are not always the same today as they were a few years ago. For example, did you know that Amazon, the largest internet retailer in the US, began as an online bookstore? In the last 20 years, Amazon has continuously recognized their customer evolution, requiring them to regularly rebrand.

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Your brand has a massive effect on how customers perceive your business, and it is so much more than your logo design or the colors associated with your brand’s name. Your brand is your message, your voice, and your activity. Your brand is your customers’ perception of the value of your company’s personality.

So, how do you know when your company is past due for a rebrand?

Your leads are less qualified.

All the leads in the world aren’t going to grow your business if they’re not quality leads. Think about the people that reach out to your company, and decide if they’re part of your target audience or not. Are they the kind of consumers who would buy your products or services? If your target audience isn’t engaging with your brand, the reason is simple. Your brand doesn’t appeal to them anymore.

Traffic is tapering.

At HighClick, we keep a close eye on our traffic stats in order to capitalize on trends and find patterns. If your traffic numbers are steadily decreasing in direct and referral, then there’s a good chance that people are becoming less engaged with your company and a rebrand is needed.

Your value proposition has shifted.

Most business do not stay on the same path from beginning to today. Maybe your company has changed directions or chosen to take an entirely new path. If this is true for you, does your brand reflect this? If a fresh pair of eyes took a look at your website, does it successfully represent what you currently do?

Your products or services are different.

If you’ve altered the products or services you provide, then you should alter your branding to reflect that. Are you currently serving an additional set of clients that weren’t part of your original target audience? You may have adjusted your pricing structure or moved to a more diverse set of services or products.  A rebrand will ensure consistency between the products and the brand.

Your look-and-feel is out-of-date.

Is your look aesthetically pleasing, or is it just …blah? Is your website mobile-friendly and easy to navigate? A brand that isn’t modernized can cause companies to miss out on business opportunities they’re qualified to receive. If you’re not sure if your look is outdated, you may want to ask someone outside of the company. Send over a link to your website and ask them what they think when they first look. How does it make them feel? Pro tip: If there’s any Comic Sans, just delete the whole site. ;)

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You have an unclear message.

“What do you do again?” If this is a common question your business encounters, then it’s time to re-evaluate your message. Is your brand able to educate visitors on what you actually do, or is there a disconnect? When a prospect sees your logo or brand name, what your company offers should come to their minds immediately. If this isn’t happening, then your message is unclear. An unclear message causes confusion and can hinder your ability to improve brand awareness.

A total rebrand takes a lot of effort, but if done correctly it’ll be way worth it.

If you’re not sure if your brand needs a makeover or not, reach out to us and we’ll take a look!

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