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Magic Marketing Words You Should Use in 2019

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We’re a week and some change away from the new year! Have you considered ways to elevate your brand in 2019? Language is a powerful instrument when it comes to content marketing. But do you know which marketing words encourage your target audience to take action? If you’re a business owner, chances are you’re always on the hunt for words and phrases that compel your audience, and we want to help you get started.

Elevate your content with these magic marketing words and phrases that:

Generate curiosity.

What do the following marketing words have in common? They generate curiosity. You can never go wrong when you leave your audience wanting more. Just make sure that once they make their next move, your brand delivers.

  • Discover: Imply there is something unknown that offers specific benefits and gives them an advantage.
  • Introducing: Let customers know that they’re the first to hear about something.
  • Join: Invite your readers to join an exclusive community.
  • What if?: Remind your customers that their possibilities are endless if they keep an open mind.


Marketing words that inspire the customer will allow them to visualize how your brand will improve their lives.

  • Real results: Everyone wants them! Let readers know that your business will deliver.
  • Grow: Your customers are working towards a specific goal, and they need to know how your brand will help them thrive on their journey.
  • Easy: Your customers are researching options to help them solve specific problems. Let them know how much easier their life will be when they choose your brand to provide a solution.
  • Because: You want customers to take action, and ‘because’ gives them a compelling reason why they should.

Encourage Urgency

Use marketing words and phrases that enforce a time-sensitive promotion to encourage customers.

  • Last chance: Nothing inspires customers to make a move quickly more than hearing ‘last chance.’
  • Flash sale: Provide your readers with a sense of being in the know, and create an opportunity that only lasts for a limited time.
  • Act now: Wanna motivate an immediate response? Let the people know!

Connect with your audience

Relate to your target audience an emotional level, and your brand will soar. These marketing phrases are especially useful for retaining an audience.

  • Thank you: Readers are receptive to gratitude from a brand.
  • How to…: Convey to your audience that your brand can help them accomplish something exclusive.
  • We get it: Showing empathy builds trust and loyalty. Let your customers know that you understand where they’re coming from.

Using the right marketing words could make all the difference between a campaign being successful or falling flat. Remember that these words and phrases are not necessarily one size fits all. Different language will elevate different campaigns, and a solid strategy is key!

Not sure what words work for your brand in 2019? Contact our seasoned staff, and we’ll help you get started today!

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