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PPC Overview

get seen in google search results instantly with the help of a professional pay per click strategist in eastern nc


Short for Pay-Per-Click, PPC is an online marketing tool in which the advertiser pays the search engine a sum of the fee each time the ad gets clicked.

So, we’ve talked about SEO and how it’s an excellent way to get better search engine rankings, but even the best SEO campaigns take time to get the best results. And even once you see your results, SEO requires constant work to keep your rankings up. After all, competition for Page 1 rankings is super fierce.

That’s where PPC comes in. PPC is the best option for businesses that want new leads fast. In some cases, a PPC campaign can start generating sales within hours of launching, and the best part is that you only pay once someone clicks your ad. If someone performs a search and reads your ad without clicking on it, you don’t have to pay a dime! Talk about a step up from TV or radio, requiring you to pay regardless of how many people you’re actually reaching.


Our pay-per-click strategy starts with keyword research. This helps us decide what specific Google searches we want your ad to show for. For example, if you own a Greenville-based Massage Therapy business, your ad should show when someone searches for ‘best massage therapist in Greenville’, but you wouldn’t want your ad to show for someone searching for ‘massage therapy school’.

After weeding through thousands of potential search terms, we determine exactly when to show your ad and when not to.

On to the next step. We create and optimize your landing pages (the page a customer lands on after clicking on your PPC ad). To ensure that your potential customers follow through, either by calling or emailing your business, we ascertain that your landing pages are designed and built properly. With PPC advertising, we can drive high-quality traffic to your site and help your business grow.

Do you want to give PPC a try? Reach out to HighClick Media to get started today!

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