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Social Media Marketing New Year’s Resolutions

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If you’re anything like me, you probably just reached the point of writing 2018 without having to second guess yourself. The year is coming to an end faster than you can say Social Media Marketing, and it’s time to contemplate the techniques you can use to make 2019 a success!

Social Media platforms are constantly changing. With regular updates, brand-new features, and viral trends, adapting to the newness is vital for SMM success.

If you play your cards right, 2019 could be your most successful year online. Staying relevant requires proactively searching for fresh ways to strengthen your online presence. Here are some resolutions you can apply to start.

More Video Marketing


Check out this 2016 Forbes articleVideo Is the Future Of Media on the Web. If you don’t feel like reading it right now, let me sum it up for you. They were right. 

Implementing video marketing in your social media strategy is a sure-fire way to garner more quality leads, but in 2019 consumers are seeking more casual, “real” videos. Think less scripted and more behind the scenes. Authenticity is your golden ticket to connecting with your audience on a personal level.

More Engagement

I’ve talked before about the importance of a consistent presence on social media. Engaging with your audience is just as important. If your audience is having a conversation that revolves around your brand, why wouldn’t you join in?

The more you engage with your customers, the more likely they are to discuss their positive shopping experiences with their friends. Word of mouth marketing = FREE MARKETING. It’s not necessarily a method to solely rely on, but it’s nice to have.

Did you engage with your audience this year? If not, there’s no better time to refresh your strategy.


Consider Outsourcing

A social media presence is no longer optional for businesses who wish to be successful, and most business owners don’t realize the amount of work involved in developing and implementing a social media strategy.

Social Media Marketing requires hours of time invested in tracking your brand, crafting responses, dedicating yourself to your brand persona, creating content, and, of course, socializing.

Social Media Marketing New Year’s Resolutions – Final Thoughts

2018 is old news, but that doesn’t mean your SMM strategy has to be!

With a little TLC, and maybe a dash of magic from Greenville NC’s best digital marketing agency, 2019 can be filled with phenomenal success and elevated results!

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