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Valentine’s Day Data Insights 2019

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Violets are blue,
roses are red.
Regarding your Valentine’s Day marketing strategy,
are you thinking ahead?

One of the many things we do to identify opportunities for our clients is to analyze consumer data revolving around holidays and other major seasonal periods. Although Valentine’s Day isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (only 60% of consumers plan to celebrate this holiday), this mushy-gushy day of love has certainly not lost its momentum. According to the National Retail Foundation, the average American will spend $143.56 on Valentine’s Day with the predicted nationwide total spend at $19.6 billion.

What does this mean for your business? This “Hallmark” holiday presents a massive opportunity for your brand to make some extra cash, but you must have a strategy in place to prosper! I’ve gathered the best Valentine’s Day data to inspire your digital marketing campaigns leading up to the main event.

Timing is everything.

Consumers are on the hunt for that perfect Valentine’s gift as early as December, but last-minute shoppers make this Holiday the retail success that it is. In 2018, conversion rates peaked at 264% on February 12th. However, this doesn’t mean you should wait until next month to execute a strategy. Start now to reserve a space in the minds of your customers.

Flower sales will flourish.

On February 12th of last year, online flower sales increased by 900%. Flower shops are the fourth top location for making Valentine’s Day purchases, with 20% of consumers opting to gift a traditional bouquet to celebrate the holiday. 15% of women will send themselves flowers.

Think outside of the heart-shaped box.

Valentine’s Day isn’t only for lovers. 11.5% of consumers will spend around $200 on themselves for the holiday in the name of self-love. Have you ever heard of “Galentines Day”? 9.8% of US consumers will reserve the holiday to splurge on a night out with friends. And, let’s not forget about our beloved four-legged children! The estimated spend on Valentine’s Day gifts for pets this year is 647.9 million. Fur real?

Aim your cupids bow at the right audience.

  • Committed partners will spend the most with 72% of them purchasing gifts.
  • 48% of singles plan on Valentine’s Day shopping this year.
  • Consumers between the ages of 25 and 34 make up the highest age category of spenders, with an average spend of $234 each.
  • The second highest spending age group are between the ages of 35 and 44, with an average spend of $148 each.
  • Consumers that are 55 and older will spend the least amount on the holiday, with an average spend of $95 each.
  • Men typically spend more than 2x as much as women on Valentine’s Day.

Marketing Suggestions

1. Run retargeting campaigns during key periods.

February 11th – February 14th is your best timeframe to capture last-minute shoppers.

2. Be mobile-friendly.

Many consumers are spontaneous shoppers who prefer to purchase on a smart device, so a user-friendly, responsive landing page is vital to your brand’s success during the season of love.

3. Create a gift guide.

Your audience needs direction. Provide them with products and services suggestions that complement one another or go hand in hand. This will allow for more cross-selling and upselling.

4. Get social.

Use social media platforms to promote your holiday specials, gift guides, etc. Visual posts are easier to digest, so add some romantic flair to your posts leading up to the big day.

In conclusion

I know we’re barely halfway through January, but it’s never too early to plan your marketing strategy. Preparation is key, and the sooner you get started, the more consumers you’ll reach. The more consumers you reach, the stronger your brand will become.

Still need help? Reach out to our Greenville, NC team and together we will elevate your brand.

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